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Best Supplier in Technology and Equipment

LIPEX supplies single elements as well as complete manufacturing plants for the glass fiber industry. Our portfolio includes planning, building and providing for


Bulk Storage Silos
Silo Filing System
Dosing Equipment
Automatic Scales
Transport Conveyors
Batch Mixer - Pneumatic
Dust Control Equipment
Control Panels
Batch Calculation


Glass Melting Furnace

For all Kinds of Glass
Electrically Heated
Gas / Oil Heated
Oxy Fuel Fired
Complete Burner Units
Electrodes and Transformers
Recuperator Systems
Filter Systems
Cooling Systems
Batch Chargers
Bubbler Systems
Control Panels

Refiner and Forehearth

Glass Level Controller
Forehearth Heating Systems
Exhaust Gas System
Temperature Control Equipment

Fiber Forming

Bushing Blocks
Bushing Heating Systems
Bushing Station Steel Works
Cooler and Fin Shields
Sizing Applicators
Splitting Devices
Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
Waste Fiber Management Systems
Cake and Roving Transport and Drying Ovens
Quality Control Equipment and Procedures
Sizing Recipes


For Cakes
For Direct Rovings
For Staple Fiber Yarns
For Assembly Rovings
Doublers and Twisters for Yarn Production

Chopped Strand Mat Plant

Creel Room
Chopping Units
Fiber Distributors
Collection Chambers
Impregnation Stations with Powder Dispenser and Liquid Binder Coater
Binder Mixing Stations
Drying Ovens
Basis Weight Meters
Double or Triple Shaft Winders
Guillotine Shears
Edge Trimmers
Packaging Systems
Electronic Control Panels

Sizing and Binder Preparation System

Emulsion, Bulk Storage
Tanks, Agitators, Mixers
Dispensing Equipment
Distribution Systems


Complete Design
800 Holes to 6000 Holes
For C-Glass and E-Glass
For other Glasses and Basalt

Bushing Manufacturing Work Shop

Vacuum Furnace
Rolling Mill
Annealing Oven
Hydraulic Press
Pressing Tools
Salt Bath Cleaning Station

Cutting Machines (Online/Offline)

For Chopped Strands
Direct Drawing and Cutting Machine
With Fiber Treatment Device
Fiber Drying Oven
Packaging System

Fibers Made from Pellets or Marbles

Staple Fiber Yarn Machine
Skein Fiber Machine
Marble Re-melt Units

Non Woven Tissue Plant

Fiber Dosing Units
Binder Mixing Stations
Chests and Stirrers
Impregnation Parts
Drying Ovens
Basis Weight Meters
Automatic Winders
Packing Unit
Electronic Control Panels

Pellet and Marble Production

Electrically Heated Nozzles
Pellet / Marble Machines
Cooling Conveyors

Pilot Stations

For all Types of Production Plants

Treatment Devices

For Fiber Cakes
For Direct Rovings

Weaving Plants

For Woven Rovings
For Wall Covering Products
For Grate Weavings
For PC-Board Weavings
Multi Axial Machines


Recycling Plants

For Fiber Waste