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We supply the Best Manufacturing Solutions for Glass and Fiber Industries

WH LIPEX consults with its clients on an individual basis thus supplying the best possible manufacturing solutions for their respective glass fiber industries. WH LIPEX does not manufacture glass fibers or tissues for sale so therefore is able to keep an unbiased look at the market.

We select and specify the materials and machinery on the basis of quality, safety and cost – resulting in the best possible solutions for our customers. A great number of loyal, long-time clients all over the world is proof of our approach and high standards in the market.

Our project management teams and on-site engineers supply all the support our clients need – from planning, building the plant, training the staff, maintaining the equipment and advising on future marketing trends and developments.

WH LIPEX supports its clients with respect to planned new investments by market analysis. We also engage in structural alterations, reconstruction, extensions and the modernization of existing facilities.

WH LIPEX is on the forefront of the industry and can offer you the whole technology from raw materials to finished fibers.

Glass fiber


Glass fiber can be used for a variety of applications when certain characteristics are needed. Fabrication of glass fiber with resins into composites covers wide range of different application for the world market. Mostly E- or ECR-glass fibers are produced into chopped strand mat, nonwoven tissue, direct roving, chopped fibers and assembly rovings.

Sizing and binder chemistry​

Combining fibers with sizing and binders give the fibers needed qualities and characteristics to interact with the resins for the final application. Sizing and binder chemistry is one of the most important parts of the process of producing glass or basalt fibers.


Basalt fiber


Made from volcanic rock, basalt offers better physical and mechanical properties than fiberglass in certain applications. With lower cost than carbon fiber, basalt offers intriguing option for many applications. Challenges of continuous production limit usage in the world market.


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