Waste Glass Fiber Recycling System

Technical Data

Capacity: up to 6.000 tons/year

The purpose of the plant is to recover the glass scrap which has been produced as waste from the bushings. Disposal of this bulky scrap material constitutes an environmental problem. By recycling this scrap so that it is used in the batch, it is possible to save a lot of money, as well as preventing environmental problem.
This investment is paid off in less than one year.

Form of finished scrap:   
Dried powder without any organic or iron contamination.

Application of scrap: 20 % max., 15 % average,
with other raw material in the mixer.
Man power: 1 x 2 shift/day
Gas consumption: 12 kW/ton power
Electr. consumption: 12 kW/ton power


  • Improving the batch feeding property
  • Degradation of the batch segregation
  • Less melting energy
  • High melting efficiency
  • Less corrosion at the refractories
  • Increasing the glass homogeneity
  • Elimination of the storage and transportation costs
  • Eliminating pollution